France, Czech Republic, Poland

France, Czech Republic, Poland

  • On 13/11/2017
  • Adam Darski, Anja Orthodox Solidarity Tax, CPK, DKMS, Marcin Możdżonek, Nergal, shoes, t-shirt, volleyball
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Last week already three things have found their owners! All of them are women!
The volleyball of Marcin Możdżonek goes to France.
Adam Darski‘s t-shirt goes to Czech Republic.
Anja Orthodox‘s shoes goes to Poland.
Yeeeaaahhhh !!! We become international!

Girls! You’ve helped DKMS foundation and the Center for Women’s Rights! We are really happy, thank you and congratulations to all of you! Your Solidarity Tax has been transferred directly to the founsation’s bank accounts.

We look forward to get your photos with your new items and tell your stories to the world! Everyone – Marcin, Adam and Anja will know about you, the gonna see your photos with their’s things and read your stories. We are here to connect fans with their idols!

In the meanwhile, new delivery and new option are coming – BUY NOW.

Stay tuned!


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