Message to the world from Nikol

Message to the world from Nikol

  • On 20/11/2017
  • Adam Nergal Darski, DKMS, Nikol
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We wanted to share with you the story of Nikol – a girl from Czech Republic, who is a great fan of Adam Darski. Nikol has bought Adam’s t-shirt in our store. In this particular case, 60% of the sale price was, at Adam’s request, transfered directly from Nikol to the DKMS foundation bank account. If you don’t know yet, the key mission of DKMS is to provide a suitable donor for every patient in need of blood stem cells or bone marrow transplant. The foundation’s goal is to register as many donors as possible.

The story told by Nikol is neither easy nor simple. There is no happy ending. Despite the sadness and tears that appeared naturally in Nikol’s eyes when she opened a package with Adam’s t-shirt, she also felt relief. Relief, because she was able to help someone…

Read her own words:

“Why am I supporting Nergal? Because I do believe in him and in things that he does. Many people need help for both little and big reasons. Today I want to tell you why it’s really necessary to become a donor of bone marrow. My boyfriend suffered from Leukemia. Thanks to a donor he was able to live one year longer, so he spent that gained time with his friends and family, took part in paintball or rode his chopper. I am sure that people who choose stepping out of their comfort zone and become donors are heroes. Because making this decision is not an ordinary thing and many people don´t know or don´t think about this problem till the time when they themselves or someone in their area needs help. Sure, not every story has a happy ending, though a little change for the better in this case is something incredibly worth doing. But Honzík is with us every day in our hearts and souls.”

Thank you Nikol! You are an extremely brave and strong woman. We hope that the fact that you’ve shared your story will change the world and encourage others to help those in need.

Nikol agreed to publish this post.