The story of our startup

The story of our startup

  • On 03/11/2017
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Do you know our story? If not it’s time to know it!

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago… STOP! Seriously: About 11 months ago, somewhere in the center of Berlin, our CEO accidentally met his friend, vocalist of Behemoth band – Adam Nergal Darski. It was not the first time, without prior appointment, that they were together in the same place, somewhere in the world. During the evening talks about life, death, love and more banal matters, Adam told our CEO that he “has a ton of his clothes and does not know what to do with them.” This information caught our CEO attention but it disappeared from her head very fast. A month later, our CEO told this story to her close friend, whose great imagination and creativity immediately created an image of an online store with items used by public figures. Our CEO spontaneously added a note of excitement to this simple e-commerce project by including the idea of ​​sharing profits with NGO’s (foundations and associations). Later our team came up with the idea of ​​creating a 2-step payment system. The condition of the purchase of the item is to transfer part of the price directly to the bank account of NGO. This percentage of the price charged to our NGO’s Partners is what we call the “SAT” tax – “Solidarity Tax“. We’ve been working hard for 10 months to create this project. Thanks to this original concept of business, we became the first startup in the world, which sells items of public figures and at the same time shares profits with non-governmental organizations in an absolutely clear way. Everything thanks to the innovatory 2-step payment system and the hard work of our amazing IT team!


celebrity2use BUY. HELP. FEEL. is an innovative, solidarity shop project. It is based on the original business model in which we use the used items of celebrities to help trusted NGO’s. It’s a kind of modern recycling. If you like this idea and you think it’s valuable, help us to reach as many fans of our celebrities as possible and share our site!

Our idea is simple: BUY. HELP. FEEL.

BUY your idol’s items. HELP those in need. FEEL satisfied.