The story of Teodora – Anja Orthodox’s fan

The story of Teodora – Anja Orthodox’s fan

  • On 19/11/2017
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We will remember the story of Teodora forever. All because of the fact that Teodora is the first person to whom a package from us has arrived, who has written a wonderful review of our shop and who was brave enough to describe her story! Are you curious? Read it!


Teodora Anja Orthodox celebrity2use


Teodora is a long-time fan of Closterkeller – Anja Orthodox’s band. In our shop she won the auction of the very original Anja’s shoes (those from the photo). As she says, after receiving the shoes, she was “feeling as happy as teenager”! Here is the story written by Teodora herself:

“Closterkeller is with me for a half of my life. Above all, it is a story of special bonds and sharing experiences reflected in texts, maturation, self-cognition and sensitivity building. Each album falls on the characteristic stages of my life, creates a coherent narrative, each time has its own color. I am anxious to expect every next album, which for me is the sign of another possible change in my life. Viridian did not disappoint here, it hit the point and time. Again, it gave rise to lengthy discussions and question – is another colour possible? For now, Viridian is my new green drug.”

Teodora! Thank you for your openness and for being authentic and sincere!
Thanks to your purchase you’ve also helped the Centre for Women’s Rights. Anja appreciates this!