How to buy and help at the same time? celebrity2use, a socially responsible business.

How to buy and help at the same time? celebrity2use, a socially responsible business.

  • On 30/01/2018
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This is our little coming out. We are the founders of celebrities2use….

Who said that in life you need to focus on only one area? We do many interesting, useful and satisfying us things. Emanuele is Italian. He has graduated from computer engineering and has a PhD in artificial intelligence. He is a creator of applications which, using “natural language processing”, can talk to people and draw conclusions from the comments we leave on the Internet. Gosia is Polish. She is a practicing lawyer, writes a lot (check out her blog) and also encourage poeople to travel around the Liguria, Italy. In addition, together with Emanuele they have created a little start-up celebrity2use BUY. HELP. FEEL. Magdalena Kozmala from Business & Prestige was speaking with them about it. Enjoy!

You can find an interview on the B&P website by clicking here.


” It also includes ideas, values, emotions, good fun, creativity, international cooperation, the realization of a certain vision and, above all, people.” – Magdalena Kozmala talks with Malgorzata Ciuksza and Emanuele Di Rosa – the founders of celebrity2use, the world’s first startup which sell items of the public figures and at the same time share a profit with NGOs.

B&P: CSR (Corporate social responsibility) is a concept according to which companies, at the stage of creating a business plan, take into account social interests, welfare of others or environmental protection. Your original celebrity2use online shop does not just take these interests into account, but it is specifically built on them. How does it work?

C2U: Yes. celebrity2use is an innovative, socially responsible online shop. It is built on values of solidarity and trust, based on the ideas of recycling, sharing economy and solidarity economy. Through celebrity2use you can buy items like clothes, shoes, books, gadgets and other things of well people. Public persons, using their popularity, can sell their used things that they no longer want or do not need anymore through our e-commerce; a minimum of 20%, and usually 60%, of the price will be allocated to foundations or associations. It is a kind of modern recycling. Thanks to that, everyone – both shoppers, public persons, as well as ourselves as the store designers – can help others.

B&P: What does “help” stands for, in the context of your shop?

C2U: We share revenues with our partners, i. e. trusted foundations and associations who know how to help others. Thanks to the idea of the 2-steps payment, customers are 100% sure that Solidarity Tax – i. e. an amount between 20% and 60% of the price, depending on the item, goes directly to the bank account of one of our Partners. This payment is not an additional amount but it is part of the price itself. It is transferred directly by the customer to the account of a given foundation or association. We, as a shop, do not mediate in this transfer. The flow of money is therefore clear.

Our partners are the “Centre for Women’s Rights”, the Centre supporting Immigrants and Migrants, DKMS, LEX NOVA Foundation for the Legal Protection of Animals and Civic Rights, Synapsis Foundation for Children with Autism and LGBT Tolerado Association.

B&P: Where did your idea come from?

C2U: In November 2016, our CEO was in the centre of Berlin, and accidentally met his close friend, Adam Darski- Behemoth band’s singer. It is not the first time that, without any appointment, it turned out that they eventually met in the same place, somewhere in the world. During the evening conversations about life, death, love and more banal matters, Adam told our CEO that he “has tons of clothes and does not know what to do with them”. This information entered our CEO’s ear, and went out to the other ear very quickly. A month later, our CEO told this story to a person close to her, co-author of the project, whose imagination and creativity immediately created an image of an e-shop offering the things belonged by public figures. Our CEO, who is very open to the world, spontaneously added a note of uniqueness to the e-commerce idea, by incorporating the idea of sharing profit with foundations and associations. After that, the co-author of the project came up with the idea of creating a system of 2-step payment. As we have said, the condition for purchasing an item is that the customer transfers part of the price, i.e. the so called “Solidarity Tax”, directly to the foundation’s or association’s bank account. We worked hard on the whole project for 10 months. Thanks to this original concept of business, we became the world’s first startup selling public figures items and, at the same time, sharing the profit with NGOs in a very clear way.

B&P: Where did you get this name from?

C2U: celebrity2use should be read as “celebrity second use” – which can also be interpreted as the “second use of celebrity”. It is a play on words. You can use celebrity goods to help others. Let us not be afraid to use the word “celebrity”. Contemporary “celebrities” are usually people going beyond the scheme, outside their own comfort zone, extremely hard-working and ambitious, outstanding, very valuable and aware of what they do and how they do it. You may not like them, you may not be interested in them at all. However, the power with which they can influence the world cannot be denied. Thanks to their public recognition, they create reality. They can do so either negatively or positively. In the latter case, they may indicate to others what is good, what is worth doing and even how to live. It is a good thing for the world when public figures can approach each other with distance, see the world as a good thing and help others through their activity. We are working with such people.

B&P: e-commerce businesses often work automatically, on a self-service basis. However, you combined the shop with the concept of solidarity economy. How did you do this?

C2U: The idea behind our shop is simple – BUY. HELP. FEEL. It means that you buy, help and feel satisfaction. We like helping, we know the great public figures who see the good in the world, who trusted us, became part of the project and support us. Thanks to them, the shop is also a platform connecting fans with their idols. This gives us a lot of joy. Fans are grateful to us. They feel satisfaction because, by supporting NGOs, they get what they dream about, i.e. their idols’ things. They can wear them, use them or use them as they did before. Together with the thing they receive from us a “Certificate of authenticity” signed by their idol. We also tell the stories of our customers – Adam Darski’s fans, Marcin Możdżonek or Anja Orthodox – can be found on our blog on the shop’s website. It is worth mentioning, for example, Nikol’s story, a girl from the Czech Republic, who bought Adam Nergal Darski’s t-shirt to support the DKMS foundation, which previously helped her partner who unfortunately died because of leukemia. Her story has struck us emotionally into a million small pieces. You can find it published in the shop’s website.

We have just started the project, and people already trust us. This is a great satisfaction after months of hard work, but obviously also a great responsibility. Let us remember that modern business is not just about profit. It also includes ideas, values, emotions, good fun, creativity, international cooperation, the realization of a certain vision and, above all, people. We are not unique of course, it is a global trend. There is an increasing number of such companies.

Magdalena Koźmala interviewed Małgorzata Ciuksza and Emanuele Di Rosa – the founders of celebrity2use .