Mini Behemoth made by Mona

Mini Behemoth made by Mona

  • On 21/08/2019
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This time Mona from Germany decided to take part in #nonserviam auctions!

She is the owner of an online shop for 6 years. Have a look at her website –> Das Kleine Schwarze Horrorlaedchen

It took her 4 weeks to create The Mini Behemoth! She made it totally on her own!

Behemoth FanArt

On the photo top right is Nergal and he is sleeping, left is Orion and he is not looking into the camera and in front is Inferno looking directly into the camera.  The dolls are over 70 cm high.

There is also Behemoth’s cup. When you pour hot water or another warm drink (coffee, tea,…) into this cup, you can see Behemoth’s logo.

By clicking here you can find other masterpieces from Mona’s shop:

Das Kleine Schwarze Horrorlädchen

Below you can find the whole story about how Mona made those Mini Behemoth dolls. Written by Mona.

Thank you!!!

I m very happy about this and if someone had told me a year ago that I made 3 dolls for the band Behemoth, I would never have believed it. I still can’t believe it!

How did I get the dolls?! Well, after we met, you asked me about my mascot, who always sits at my sales stand when I’m at events with my shop. But I would never give this mascot away because I’ve been a big fan of Behemoth for over 20 years and I made this mascot for myself. I was 10 years old when the band was called “Baphomet”. Yes, I was always different from other little girls.

My heart is attached to this mascot and there are always people who offer me attractive prices for it, but I won’t give it away for any money in the world.

The idea was to do something individual for the guys. Something special that is beautiful to look at and that not everyone has. The dolls came to me as an idea. My boyfriend Mic is singer of a band called “Arctic Winter” and they have the same doll as a band mascot, who always sits with our drummer.

In my assortment there are black, morbid plush unicorns where you can see the bones. Personally, I don’t like unicorns, but my customers have always asked for them. I have included unicorns in my assortment, but individual ones.

Black Unicorn Mona

The guys from Arctic Winter also have this one sitting on the stage as a mascot. Also 4 dolls are planned, which then represent the whole band. I’m really looking forward to this project.

How did I make the dolls? I still had 3 dolls in my closet and thought to myself: “What do I do with you 3 sweet! There are three of you and you are naked! I have a great idea! I don’t know if the guys from Behemoth like it, but I’ll try it out!” I first ordered the clothes from my cooperation partner, who also has clothes for children. He asked me if I was pregnant and he congratulated me


I had to explain to him that this is not the case and that I want to do a project for special people. He immediately sent me everything I wanted. I bought 2 patches from the Behemothwebstore and the patch from Mini Inferno. The cap of Nergal belonged to me and I also bought caps of Orion and Inferno. I bought the shoes and attached the rivets and chains myself. The Hoodies should be something special. In front the patches and behind the names of the band members of Behemoth. Of course the instruments could not be missing. I worked on the dolls every evening and I had a lot of fun with them. It was nice to see how the little men got their clothes bit by bit. I work as a nurse in an operation room and 4 times a month, I have to stay in hospital 24 hours a day to work when we have emergencies and need to operate. I took Mini Behemoth with me to my work and continued to work on them when we were quiet. The looks of my colleagues were very interesting when they looked into their pockets and saw the dolls.

I wanted to finish the 3 minis as soon as possible and send them to you. For 4 weeks they sat on my sofa and now the seats are empty. Now they are with you.