Behemoth FanArt #17 – SOLD

Behemoth FanArt #17 – SOLD

Behemoth FanArt #17

This masterpiece from Mona from Germany was sold for 71 euro!

60% of the price (42,60 euro) the winner paid directly to the bank account of the Freedom from Religion Foundation.

This masterpiece has found it’s new home in Germany.


Mona is the owner of an online shop for 6 years. Have a look at her website –> Das Kleine Schwarze Horrorlaedchen

It took her 4 weeks to create The Mini Behemoth! She made it totally on her own!

On the photo top right is Nergal and he is sleeping, left is Orion and he is not looking into the camera and in front is Inferno looking directly into the camera.  The dolls are over 70 cm high.

There is also Behemoth’s cup. When you pour hot water or another warm drink (coffee, tea,…) into this cup, you can see Behemoth’s logo.

Here is the whole story about how Mona made those Mini Behemoth dolls –> THE STORY BEHIND MINI BEHEMOTH


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Das Kleine Schwarze Horrorlädchen


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YouTube video by Radwan & Hunter


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