• Only trusted, carefully chosen foundations, associations and other NGOs whose purpose is to help others became our Partners

    First and foremost, the Celebrity has the right to choose the organization to which the sale proceeds will be transferred. If the Celebrity does not select any charity, the choice is yours.

  • Thanks to your purchases the 60% of the price will go to one of the NGOs helping those in need. Who is it then?

    Refugees, national and sexual minorities, the sick, needy children, cultural support organizations fighting for women's rights, animal and nature protection and many others. The entire list and the purpose for which money is transferred can be found below.


Women’s Rights Centre

The Center for Women’s Rights is an organization committed to ensuring the equal rights of men and women in the public and private spheres.

Solidarity Tax will be used for

providing legal and psychological assistance to women – victims of violence and discrimination, various types of actions and activities affecting the law and its application, as well as broadly understood educational activities.

Immigrant Support Centre

ISC is an association that works towards intercultural integration and provides comprehensive and personalized support to immigrants. Their purpose is to promote systemic change for a more integrated, friendlier city, consciously managing migration processes.

Solidarity Tax will be used for

providing legal information and support in contacts with officials and institutions, Polish language courses and professional counselling for foreigners.


Their key mission is to provide a suitable Donor for every Patient in need of a blood stem cell or bone marrow transplant. The foundation’s goal is to register as many Donors as possible.

Solidarity Tax will be used for

registeristration of the Doners and promotion of science and research in the field of stem cell transplantation and public health promotion.

Embassy of Charity Foundation

It is a modern foundation employing a business model which facilitates engagement in additional media activities of entrepreneurs, celebrities and politicians. Its main objective is, among others, to support health care activities in the area of children’s development, including providing support for educational initiatives.

Solidarity Tax will be used to

help ill and disabled children and to help socially, materially or healthily disadvantaged individuals and families.

Szymon Szczepański Foundation

It was established to help Children and Their Families. It supports such families financially, spiritually, but also provides advice based on own challenging experience and private contacts with the best specialists in Europe and around the world.

Solidarity Tax will be allocated to

helping families who are looking for professionals who can help their sick children abroad, as well as providing Polish hospitals with equipment which is standard in the West and which Polish hospitals have to rent (e.g. neuronavigation) or which is unavailable at all (e.g. endoscope for minimally invasive neurosurgery).

“Help them” Foundation

Its activities support Home Hospice for Children with Cancer and the Consultation Centre run within the framework of perinatal care. The foundation’s priority is to improve the quality of life and to give hope and provide young patients and their families with support during the most challenging period of their lives.

Solidarity Tax will be allocated to

doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and psychologists, spiritual support, family assistant and social worker – all those whose work is aimed at supporting patients and their families.

Protective Wings Foundation by Joanna Radziwill

It aims at providing children, youth and elderly people with safe and happy life. It manages 2 day-care centres for children coming from the most impoverished districts of Warsaw and organizes regular meetings for the lonely. The participants come from families suffering from dysfunctions and alcohol problems. The Foundation provides them with daily care, including meals, as well as educational and developmental support.

Solidarity Tax will be allocated to

aid The Large Plate programme for feeding children. Thanks to this programme, a child in need of help receives healthy meals every day.

LEX NOVA Foundation for Legal Protection of Animals and Civic Control

The mission of the Foundation is effective implementation of the animal protection law in Poland and the introduction of legislative changes in order to improve the animal protection system in Poland.

Solidarity Tax will be used for

representation of harmed animals in criminal proceedings, administrative interventions, mainly related to the implementation of statutory obligations of local governments and running campaigns for the amendment of animal protection regulations.

Beautiful Angels

Beautiful Angels is an association that offers children and young people a chance for better development by changing their immediate surroundings. They work so that each child covered by the care has its own bed, a place to do homework, a play area, and thus equal opportunities to have a normal life, just like its peers.

Solidarity Tax will be used to

change the children’s immediate surroundings and, as a consequence, to create normal conditions for their development within the framework of one of the programmes that the association is currently implementing.


Foundation acting for the benefit of people with autism. It offers professional help to children and adults and their families. It develops and implements system solutions that improve the quality of their lives.

Solidarity Tax will be used for

Early diagnosis, i.e. before 3 years of age, of children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders under the “Badabada” Early Autism Detection Program. This program allows for the assessment of development of very young children and intervention in the early months of life.


Tolerado is an association acting for the benefit of LGBT individuals in Poland. It is involved in anti-discrimination activities, provides psychological and legal help, conducts anti-discrimination workshops, organizes queer cultural events, happenings, festivals and holds regularly meetings for both members and supporters. It is the main organizer of Tri-City Equality Days and Tri-City Pride Parade.

Solidarity Tax will be used for

providing psychological and legal help for LGBT individuals and their families, organization of events for equality education, and support for people affected by discrimination.


  • After winning the bidding or buying the items using the "buy now" option, depending on the item, the 60% of the price you pay go directly to the bank account of our Partners.
  • This payment is obligatory. It is prerequisite for selling the items. It is not an additional amount but an integral part of the price.
  • Celebrity2use is not involved in the transfer of these amounts to Partners. You transfer the money yourself directly to their bank account.
  • This percentage of the price charged to our Partners is what we call the Solidarity Tax.
  • Celebrities can indicate the organisation that will receive support from sales, but they can also leave this choice to you.